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Lt Col William Malone

Lt Col William Malone’s Last Letter to his Wife

Quinn’s Post – 8.10 pm 5.8.15

My sweetheart

In less than 2 Hours we move off to a valley, where we will be up all night and tomorrow in readiness for a big attack which will start tomorrow night. Everything promises well and victory should rest with us. God grant it so and that our casualties will not be too heavy I expect to go thro’ all right but dear wife if anything untoward happens to me you must not grieve too much – there are our dear children to be brought up. You know how I love and have loved you, and we have had many years of great happiness together. If at any time in the past I seemed absorbed in ‘affairs’ it was that I might make proper provision for you and the children. That was due from me. It is true that perhaps I overdid it somewhat. I believe now that I did, but did not see it at the time. I regret very much now that it was so and that I lost more happiness than I need have done. You must forgive me. Forgive also anything unkindly or hard that I may have done or said in the past.

I have made a will and it is at the office at Stratford. I think it was justly drawn. Anyway I intended it so to be. I hope and think that the provision for you and the children will keep you and them in ease and comfort. I know that you will never forget me or let the dear children do so.

I am prepared for death and hope that God will have forgiven me all my sins.

My desire for life so that I may see and be with you again could not be greater, but I have only done what every man was bound to do in our country’s need. It has been a great consolation to me that you approved my action. The sacrifice was really yours. May you be consoled and rewarded by our dear Lord.

Your loving husband

William G. Malone