• Beach Cemetery
  • Brighton Beach
  • Shrapnell Valley Cemetery
  • ANZAC Beach
  • ANZAC Cove
  • Ari Burnu Cemetery
  • ANZAC Commemorative Site and The North Beach
  • Respect The Mehmetcik Statue
  • ANZAC Trenches
  • Gallipoli Tour at Lone Pine
  • Johnston's Jolly Cemetery
  • Library of Celsus Ephesus
  • Pergamon Acropolis
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  • 57th Turkish Infantry Regiment Cemetery
  • Gallipoli Tour at The NEK
  • The Nek Cemetery
  • View from The NEK
  • Water Tank at The Nek - ANZAC
  • Chunuk Bair New Zealand Memorial - ANZAC
  • Lone Pine Cemetery - ANZAC
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Mountain Lodge Arosa Switzerland
The Mountain Lodge started as mountain hospital, which was run by Ingenbohl nuns. 1929–1996 Sanatorium Haus Florentinum 1996–2012 Backpacker’s Mountain Lodge 2012–today Arosa Mountain Lodge
Baracca Backpacker
Baracca Backpacker in Aurigeno is the low price accommodation in the Maggia Valley. It is an alternative to youth hostels, camp sites, Bed and Breakfasts and cheap hotels. The hostel is located 5 minutes outside the village center, close to the historic church and with an astonishing view on the surrounding mountains.
Bern Backpackers Hotel Glocke
Bern's first true budget hotel
Lago Lodge
The system of a backpacker hostel consists of being able to individually book all beds, with the exception of the two-bed rooms. Hence, it is normal for strangers to share a room.The family prices per person apply to all family members as long at least one child is under 16 years of age
Adrenalin Backpackers Hostel
For young and young at heart travelers, for those new experiences and new contacts are more important than comfort and luxury. Like at home - whether in the hostel, in the sports bar or in the game room. You will find a place, where everyone feels right at home.
Berggasthaus Wasenalp
Le Petit Baroudeur Backpacker
Next to the train station, at the start of the cable car, the Petit Baroudeur is easily accessible by car or train.Free parking spaces for Petit Baroudeur clients. At 200 metres from the Palladium (sports centre), 5 min by foot from the village centre and its shops, next to the start of the cable car and its majority of sporting activities.
JBN Just be Nice Hostel
The oldest town in Switzerland, a wonderful historic city, modern architecture, active-minded theatres, rock concerts, italian lifestyle, shopping paradise, most bars per km in Switzerland, unbelievable good beer… And there are even more reasons to stay in Chur!
Basis Hostel
Gastehaus Alpina Fanas
Fanas is situated in the Prättigau valley in Grison, surrounded by mountains, and centrally located. Only 30 minutes from the highway to Italy or Germany, one hour from the airport in Zurich. There are so many things to do in and around Fanas, including hiking, paragliding, mountain biking, climbing in the summer and skiing, winterhiking, snowshoeing,
City Hostel Geneva
Located 750 metres from Lake Geneva and next to the train station, City Hostel Geneva offers free WiFi, a fully equipped common kitchen and a spacious lounge with computers.The dormitory rooms have a desk, a table, a wardrobe and shared bathroom facilities. The single and double rooms also come with a washbasin. Guests can use the lockers and the laundry facilities at the hostel.
Mauntain Hostel
Located in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Jungfrau region, the Mountain Hostel Gimmelwald is simply love at first sight. Buzzing with travelers from around the world, it is quite common to come here for a day and stay for weeks