• Beach Cemetery
  • Brighton Beach
  • Shrapnell Valley Cemetery
  • ANZAC Beach
  • ANZAC Cove
  • Ari Burnu Cemetery
  • ANZAC Commemorative Site and The North Beach
  • Respect The Mehmetcik Statue
  • ANZAC Trenches
  • Gallipoli Tour at Lone Pine
  • Johnston's Jolly Cemetery
  • Library of Celsus Ephesus
  • Pergamon Acropolis
  • asd
  • 57th Turkish Infantry Regiment Cemetery
  • Gallipoli Tour at The NEK
  • The Nek Cemetery
  • View from The NEK
  • Water Tank at The Nek - ANZAC
  • Chunuk Bair New Zealand Memorial - ANZAC
  • Lone Pine Cemetery - ANZAC
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Troy and Gallipoli Tour from Canakkale
Trip Code
1 Day
Start City
Overnight City
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Troy and Gallipoli Tour from Canakkale

    08:30 Collect from Canakkale Hotels
      Proceeds to the ancient city of Troy in our A/C & NO-SMOKING tour bus. 
      The guide will explain the mythology surrounding Troy 
      The Trojan Horse and Helen of Troy, as well as explaining the history and discoveries 
      of the archaeological diggings from its discovery by 
      Heinrich Schliemann in the 1870's to the present day and on going. 
      Nine cities have been discovered built one on top of the other dating back to 3500 B.C.
      You'll also see and hear about: 
      The Trojan Horse
      Helen of Troy. 
      The Trojan Wars. 
      Sacrificial Altars. 
      The 3700 year old city walls. 
      Houses of Troy I, 3000 B.C. - 2500 B.C. 
      The battle between Achilles and Paris. 
      Current excavations in progress. 
      Remains of the various cities from Troy I through to Troy IX. 
    11:30 Return back to Canakkale
    11:45 Depart from  ANZAC House and proceeds by Kilitbahir Car Ferry  
      Across the Dardanelles. Before proceeding to the battlefields.
      Lunch at Maydos Restaurant & Bar. 
      After lunch the tour travels by air-conditioned tour bus and to the battlefield area and visits
      Brighton Beach, the intended landing place and swimming weather permitting. 
      Beach Cemetery on the southern tip of ANZAC Cove, the landing place of the first wave of ANZAC 
      troops and home to up to 30,000 troops during the campaign. 
      John Simpson Kirkpatrick of "Simpson and his donkey" fame is buried in this cemetery.
      Ari Burnu Cemetery on the northern tip of ANZAC Cove.
      Lone Pine Australian Memorial, site of the successful attack and capture of Turkish trenches by the 
      Australians during the August offensive. 
      Johnston's Jolly where you'll visit original Allied and Turkish trenches and tunnels. 
      57th Regiment Turkish Memorial
      The Nek site of the famous Light Horse charge depicted in the 'Gallipoli' movie. 
      Chunuk Bair New Zealand Memorial, captured by the New Zealanders during the August offensive, 
      highest point captured during the entire campaign.
      The duration of the tour is is flexible and depends on the weather and the size of the group. 
    18:30 The tour returns to ANZAC House Youth Hostel, Canakkale
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